How to play mid dota 2? Foundations

Don’t know how to play mid dota 2? Playing on the center line is one of the keys to your team’s victory. Exactly mider sets the pace of the game on the map. Since you are standing one on one with your opponent on the line, you will always have the highest level in the team, which will help you increase your fighting ability. But to do this as effectively as possible, you need to make the right decisions. Starting from the stage of character selection and the initial purchase, ending with a coordinated team game.

The whole game can be divided into 3 main stages, such as Early-game, Middle-game, and Late-game and now we will try to disassemble each of them.

How to play mid dota 2? Early-game, lining stage, first-buy, and other tricks

How to play mid dota 2 in early-game? After choosing a character, the important point is first-buy, which depends on your opponent’s abilities. If you are faced with a hero who spams skills, such as Skywrath Mage, Zeus, you should buy Magic Wand, which will save you in a difficult moment. Also, the superfluous pack of tango and healing salve will not be a mistake. If the line stage passes without any aggression, it is necessary to buy subjects on damage which will help to finish off fences more confidently.

After the dill comes out, you should try to block them. This will help move the enemy creeps closer to your tower and thus the enemy will be more difficult to last hit them from low ground. But the main thing is not to overdo it so that your tower does not start attacking them! The first earned money is worth buying a Bottle, which will help restore both Health and Mana points. You will always be able to replenish its charges with runes that appear on the river near you.

The main task on the line for you is to last hit creeps and raise the level. If it is possible to kill an opponent, do not hesitate to call for the help of your allies, or vice versa, if you see that you are being attacked, call them for help. Domination over an opponent will help you feel more confident. Once you get to level 6, you can monitor what is happening on other lines. If you see an opportunity to help the allies in killing the enemy, it will be a great boost for both you and the team. But if you are not sure about this, you should not waste your time, but rather continue your farm, connect the forest for this purpose and knock out neutral items that will never be superfluous.
The lining stage usually ends at 15-17 minutes, followed by Middle-game.

Dota 2 How to play mid? The middle stage of the game 

Dota 2 how to play mid during midgame. At this stage, the main task for you is to create the most comfortable conditions for your carry. Try to destroy the first towers together with the team. You also get main items such as Blink Dagger, BKB, and Aghanim Scepter. After a successful fight, when the opponents are in the tavern, you can try to kill Roshan. The middle stage of the game ends in 30 minutes, after which comes the most important stage.

How to play mid dota? Late-game

How to play mid lane dota 2 in a late-game? The last and most important part of the game, when every mistake can cost you victory. Here you need to do everything as carefully as possible, it is important to complete your build with the right items, such as Scythe of Vyse, which will help in killing enemy heroes. Buy important items for survivability, such as Linken’s Sphere, Shiva’s Guard, and Assault Cuirass.

With a well-coordinated team game, successful team fights, and the acquired advantage in the economy, you will definitely win. GG WP

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