How to play CS:GO? Fundamentals

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an online videogame in the 3D-shooter genre. She has earned the love of thousands of fans around the world. Let’s take a look at its gameplay.

There are two warring parties Terrorists (T) and Counter-Terrorists (CT). There are a total of five players on each team. The main task of the Terrorists is to plant the bomb on the spotted place on the map and provide an explosion. Each map has two plants A and B. CT must prevent planting the bomb by defusing it or killing all Terrorists. One match consists of 30 rounds. One round lasts 1m 55 sec. After 15 rounds (first half), players swap the sides. The team that wins 16 rounds wins the match.

How to play counter strike global offensive?

Today all moderns know the answer to “how to play CS:GO” or “how to install CS:GO”. But if you don’t know – this paragraph is for you.

At first, to play CS:GO you must download Steam (a gaming platform produced by Valve), and sign up a new account using your e-mail or phone. Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the store and click on the green button “Play Game”. And the main one, this game is free-to-play. There are more than 8 maps available in CS:GO. The most popular are:

● Nuke

● Mirage

● Dust 2

● Inferno

● Vertigo

● Overpass

● Ancient

● Train

Choose the map you want to play and press “find the match”. There is ranking matchmaking in CS. Players there compete to prove their skills and abilities.

How to start playing CS:GO and develop skills and increase reaction?

If you are a true geek and you want to prove your supremacy, you need to develop your skills and abilities. Before starting to play ranked, warm up on the aim map. You can download them from the workshop directly in CS. Kill some bots using different weapons and get used to mouse sensitivity.

You can also play games that increase your reaction time, such as OSU. Do a reaction time test to track your developing process. But do not wait for an instant result. All will come with time – just make this training scheduled before the game, and you will see the difference.

How do you play CS:GO and what is BI?

Remember that CS:GO is only a game. Do not get angry if your teammate plays worse than you, which makes you lose. When you get reported in-game your BI (Behaviour Index) is decreasing. And you will play with players with the same low behavior index. A behavior index is a hidden in-game characteristic of an account that shows how adequate its owner is. Remember, you won’t make your teammate play better by arguing with him. Even pros have bad games, and it’s okay. Rest for some time, and after, show your best.

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