How to play carry dota 2? Basic statements

Carry is the most significant and influential role in Dota 2. This position demands great micro and macro-control and an understanding of the situations involved in any of its periods. Typically carry play on the easy lane with help of one or two supports. It shows its full potential at the end of the match. Carry hero usually is picked on the 4-th or last pick. 

To better understand, here are some heroes that are appropriate for the position.

Morphling, Templar Assasin, Chaos Knight, Drow Ranger, Faceless Void, Luna, Spectre, etc. 

How to play carry in dota 2 and win much more often

The main question of this article is “how to play carry in dota 2 and win?”

The carry is called the carry because this player is expected to carry their team to victory. This means you will “sweat” more than any player in your team and carry them. Of course, every role is vital, but a particular accent is placed on the carry. 

You also must set the priority of buying items in the most efficient order. Items that increase your farming potential buy at the stage of the early game and others a bit later. Change your item build, and rely on enemy heroes’ abilities and items. 

To increase your win chances, pick a hero which you like to play, and on which you show the best performance. Watch games of professional players to improve your skills and memorize some helpful peculiarities for yourself.

Dota 2 how to play carry? Hints and tricks

Don’t know how to play carry dota 2? Here are some helpful features for you:

Creep stat

Your last hit stat must be the highest in the match. Learn regularities on how to last hit creeps under the tower. React when an enemy will try to deny your creep and do it faster.

Control the map

During hitting the creeps usually, you have some time, so use it to observe on the map, and if there are no enemies maybe they are ganking you.

Take an advantageous position before the team fight

Do not initiate the fight! It is extremely dangerous because enemies will immediately try to save their mate and kill you. Wait till they use their most dangerous abilities, and then join the fight.

Try to end the game if it’s possible

You need to be full-packed to devastate the enemy base but do not forget that enemy carry is also gaining strength. Remember, if you have a chance to win you have to use it immediately.

Play carry in dota 2 and stop raging

Hope this article answered the question “dota 2 how to play carry”. Nobody can win every game. Are you playing as support but stupid teammates core roles ruin your game? Try to play carry or mider. Maybe that would increase your winning chances. And if you can’t win on carries try yourself support or hardlaner. Do not be afraid to take responsibility for yourself, just try to show your best. But you must understand that Dota 2 is a team game, and nobody can win solo.

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